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About MotionArt Studios

A consortium of designers, animators, and technophiles, MotionArt champions animation as a profoundly compelling medium that clarifies, influences, entertains, inspires and occasionally causes fights in bars. As producers and consultants, we’re current with the latest technology. Our work screens worldwide via the Internet, Cable and Broadcast TV, IMAX Theaters, the George Lucas Educational Network’s Edutopia, and SONY Wonder and acclaimed SIGGRAPH Electronic Theaters.

MotionArt Studios originated in Boston in 1982, and for 30 years has produced award-winning animation projects for Broadcast TV, Branding, IMAX, Corporate clients, Museums, International Non-Profits and the Internet. Our clients include ABC News 20/20, American Airlines, Continental Cablevision, General Motors, Honeywell, Interactive Medical Communications, The New York Transit Authority, Ocean Spray, Raytheon, Save the Children, the U.S. Department of Defense and UNICEF.

Through our LineStorm Digital FlipBook Creative Learning Projects and seminars, we use animation as a powerful vehicle for teaching and learning in schools, colleges, museums and corporate retreats.

WE WON!!  At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, our LineStorm project, “Six Simple Machines”, won the 2011 Best Animation of the Year Award at the 13th Annual Made-at-M.I.T. Media Spectacle at the Ray and Maria Stata Center. Recent LineStorm projects at the M.I.T. Media Lab combine hand-drawn animation and energetic typography to animate aphorisms accorded to Aristotle and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Please visit our Gallery page for a sampling of recent projects.

MotionArt Founder Pell Osborn

Pell Osborn, founder and director of MotionArt Studios, is an animator, designer and teacher. He is a member of SIGGRAPH (the Special Interest Group in Computer Graphics), and CVM (the Center for Visual Music). He attended Harvard University for special study in the Practice of Animation, and holds degrees from Kenyon College (B.A.) and Lesley University (M.Ed). He founded MotionArt Studios in Boston in 1982. Working in Nepal for UNICEF and Save the Children, in 1988-91, he co-founded Kathmandu’s first animation studio. Mr. Osborn’s life-long passion for animation led to the creation of the LineStorm Digital FlipBook Creative Learning Project, an award-winning curriculum that combines traditional and computer animation in teaching and learning.

Mr. Osborn has directed LineStorm programs in schools and colleges in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in museums in Boston and New York City. He has lectured at Harvard University, M.I.T., Cooper-Hewitt MuseumThe Goethe InstituteThe New York Hall of SciencePeabody-Essex Museum, Boston’s Museum of Science, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, and Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Currently, Mr. Osborn teaches LineStorm Digital FlipBook seminars at M.I.T.’s Student Art Association and in the Boston and Cambridge (MA) Public Schools. He recently completed a major pilot program with Harvard Medical School’s Office of Educational Outreach, and, in the Cambridge Public Schools, an Animated Timeline Project,  “Powerful Influences of the Middle Ages.”