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Animation: Slow to Bear Fruit

By Pell Osborn

W.C. Fields/Don+Lana/Build a Better Dayton! Buy What Dayton Builds!

Beyond the business of making money, animation is an art form that’s expensive, time-intensive and frustratingly slow to bear fruit. The history of animation details the relentless application of technology to speed up the process of creating imagery, whether it’s hand-drawn or computer-generated imagery. What animator doesn’t dream of freedom from the medium’s time constraints? As Jeff Scher observes, “Animators create time,” and as Richard Williams notes, animation is “…the most expensive medium that takes the longest time…”       see Piano-Forte: Fluid, Hand-made, Low-tech Animation

What animator doesn’t ask, constantly, “Is it possible to work in this medium through smaller art, and still achieve big motion and impact?” … or words to that effect? Read more »