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Animation and Emergence

By Pell Osborn

Animation is a perfect example of Emergence — the notion that complex systems arise from the interaction of fundamental elements. From the simplest beginnings, intricate animation projects flourish.

Animators, essentially visual engineers, are, first and foremost, problem-solvers. And in our LineStorm Animation workshops, we use the most basic materials — index cards, fiber point pens, and simple lightboxes — to solve major visual problems, to visualize abstract concepts and ideas. Always, the action must be pre-figured in the brain: how we love the thrill of watching in motion something we designed. And nothing is more gratifying to an animator than using elemental building blocks — in LineStorm’s case, the humble flipbook — to startling effect.

Like the game of Checkers, animation is an art form of relentless, incremental forward movement. What is intellectually challenging is wonderfully stimulating. And nothing’s better than a job well done: the satisfaction of seeing an animation sequence working out the way we intended it to.

So, here’s to doing things bit by bit, to building every project up into something visually grand and commanding — to the Emergence of it all!


Howard Sturges works on "Terraplasm tests and cycles"

Focusing on “Terraplasm Tests and Cycles”